Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How long do I have to do this?

Marlene and I get many emails from pet owners telling us that they have switched from a processed, premium kibble to one of the Natural Canine home-prepared diets. Along with the new diet, they have also used our herbal and homeopathic remedies and their dog is doing fantastic - acts like a puppy again - and their vet is amazed at the results!  
Then... they ask us:
"How long do I have to do this?"
At first we blinked a couple of times when we read the question. 
If the home-prepared fresh diet, homeopathy and herbs made such an amazing improvement, then why stop?
Looking at the question a little deeper, we began to realize how far many of us have become removed from the connection between eating fresh foods, and health.

Another often overlooked piece of health and well-being, beside the fresh diet,  is lifestyle and  exercise - two very important factors.

We answered the question with -
 'Continue indefinitely!- Keep your dog healthy and vibrant!!'

A balanced diet will do wonders for your dog’s health and well being.  We hear this over and over again from people who use our Essential 3 Supplements.
A healthy, fresh, natural diet will help support your dog no matter which disease or condition he or she has!
Many conditions may be helped or improved by diet alone – these include

  • skin conditions,
  • digestive disorders,
  • bad breath
  • incontinence
  • arthritis
  • urinary (kidney bladder)
  • dull coat to name a few