Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good health in old age

A healthy dog is happy and carefree. He is alert, inquisitive and the eyes are bright and clear. He will immediately notice and react to any change in his environment. His coat is shiny, his fur is thick and evenly distributed over his body. He enjoys movement and is playful when young.

When you come home the tail is wagging - and you are welcomed by a happy dog. When you are ready to go for a walk, he senses this in advance.

He has a good appetite and eats without hesitiation, finishing every bite. He drinks now and again - not too little, not too much.

He produces formed stools 2-3 times a day - the color depending on what he has been eating.
The dog's bodily orifices such as jaws, ears, eyes, anus and vagina are squeaky clean - neither dirty nor sticky and no unpleasant smell.

What is important to your dog?

For the dog, the MOST important thing is his relationship with his master - the person who brings him up lovingly and consistently - giving praise and occasionally a reprimand. Brushing his coat and other grooming related gestures are felt by the dog as an expression of love.

Special characteristics of old age

Ageing is a complex process which begins at birth - here are 2 main principals of ageing:
  1. a decrease and reduction in the supply of blood to all organs including the brain.
  2. an accumulation of toxins, the body's own 'rubbish', in the tissues - metabolism slows down and waste is no longer satisfactorily expelled.
What can we do?
The diseases associated with old age can be, to a great extent, moderated or even totally eliminated by using preventivie measures. Apply these measures while you dog is still healthy - there is no 'cure' for getting old!

The first anti-ageing remedy is to reduce the meat in the diet by half - and compensting for this by giving protein from living animals, yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs.

The second is to use herbal and homeopathic remedies - mild and gentle, these remedies frequently prove possilbe to prevent the dog from falling ill. (See our Senior Dog Kits )