Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Organic?

The Organic Premise: Many pet owners are aware that food grown organically is free from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides, but that is only one small aspect of organic agriculture. 

A larger part of organic agriculture involves the health of the soil. Organic farmers recognize that healthy, vibrant, and live soils and ecosystems significantly benefit crops. Natural, undisturbed soil is alive with microbiotic organisms that exist in harmony with the native plant life.

Synthetic chemicals (such as herbicides, pesticides, and/or fast acting inorganic fertilizers) applied in or around crops interrupt or destroy the microbiotic activity in the soil. Once the microbiotic activity in the soil has stopped, the soil becomes merely an anchor for plant material. In this conventional method of agriculture (in use for only the past 75 of 10,000 years of recorded agriculture) plants can receive only air, water, and sunlight from their environment -- everything else must be distributed to plants by farmers, often from inputs transported thousands of miles to reach the farm. Plants are commonly fed only the most basic elements of plant life and so are dependent on the farmer to fight nature's challenges, e.g. pests, disease, and drought.

So what about our dogs? Dogs have even a greater need for fresh, wholesome, organic food. Our pets are smaller and do not live as long as us humans, so toxic ingredients work more quickly to cause 'dis-ease'. The food you feed your dog turns into dog - out dogs are made up of the food they eat. This is why it is important to feed fresh, wholesome. organic food. 

It takes its toll... Dog are very adaptable - they are carnivore and 'omnivores' and can eat all sorts of things - some quite unsavory. Over time the constant intake of food that is preserved with chemical, artificial colors and flavors and ingredients that may contain toxic chemicals build up and begin to accumulate in the organs of your dog. What happens next is that the dog can no longer process or effectively eliminate the toxins and these are the points where the energy stops flowing and disease begins to set in.

Enter GreenPower! - Our Natural Canine GreenPower! is concentrated and 100% Organic! We cannot stress how important this supplement is for dog owners who are feeding home-prepared diets - whether they be cooked, raw, or combination. All you need is a small amount - our 200g container lasts about 3 months for a medium sized dog. Very economical and highly recommended.