Monday, December 31, 2012


Cell Salts are a group of homeopathic remedies made from minerals.
There are 12 basic mineral or tissue cell salts in our bodies. 
Biochemistry is a science developed by Dr. Schussler to show how Cell Salts are utilized in the body. 
Cell Salts are not measured like supplements , but are in minute homeopathic potency. In homeopathic potency, Cell Salts balance the mineral in the body and help the body's utilization of the mineral from concentrations in the blood and minerals from food and supplements.

Cell Salts are safe for dogs with digestive problems. Cell Salts do not have binders and since they dissolve in the mouth they do not need to be broken down in the stomach. 

The Cell Salts are a wonderful way to help the dog take up nutrients.

Cell Salts are a good way to become introduced to Homeopathy. Minerals in homeopathic potency are quite an advantage over supplemental forms. Here are some basic benefits of homeopathic Bioplasma:

1) Immediately absorbed through the first line of digestion-the saliva.
2) Without the need for the body to break down the minerals, they are effective for dogs with digestive problems, as well as puppies, senior dogs or dogs with severe health conditions.
3) Safety because Cell Salts do not have additives or binders that stress the liver,and potenization eliminates the questions of getting too much, avoiding problems, such as bowel tolerance that cause diarrhea (seen with supplemental magnesium), or constipation (associated with iron supplements). 
4) Enables more efficient use of that mineral in the body, whether from a food source or from supplements. 

Cell Salts are not a substitute for a balanced diet or supplements, but improve absorption and utilization of that mineral. 


Because minerals are the foundation for enzyme activity in the body and serveas catalysts in energy cycles and functions. For example, the body must first have minerals to make vitamins or make use of vitamins regardless of the source. Cell Salts are used in the basic functioning of the cells including water balance, digestion, removing toxins, elasticity of the cells, oxygenation, nutrition, sodium/potassium balance etc. Cell Salts are my first suggestion for people new to homeopathy because of the ease of selection and dosing, the safety in potency and the quick results. 


Q. How Many Cell Salts are there?
A. There are 12 basic Cell Salts:
3 Calcium minerals: Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phos & Calcium Sulphate
3 Potassium minerals: Kali Mur, Kali Phosphate & Kali Sulphur
3 Sodium minerals: Natrum Phosphate, Natrum Sulphur & Natrum Mur
Plus: Ferrum Phosphate (iron); Magnesia Phosphate (magnesium); Silicea (silica); .

Q. Is there a Homeopathic Remedy that will help my dog's entire system?
A. Yes, Bioplasma supports the entire body and immune system. Bioplasma is a combination of 12 Cell Salts. Bioplasma can be given to your dog daily to keep their health and energy at their best. Use Bioplasma before and after exercise to maintain electrolyte level. Use when the dog is stressed or starting to feel ill or out of balance. Bioplasma is useful for dogs for general health care and healing.

Q. What is Bioplasma?
A. Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 Cell Salts. Bioplasma includes:

Calcarea Fluorica 6X(Calcium Fluoride)
Calcarea Phosphorica 3X (Calcium Phosphorus)
Calcarea Sulphuricum 3X (Calcium Sulphur)
Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X (Ferrum Phos-iron)
Kali Muriaticum 3X (Kali Mur-potassium)
Kali Phosphorica 3X (Kali Phos-potassium)
Kali Sulphuricum 3X (Kali Sulphur-potassium)
Magnesia Phosphorica 3X (Magnesium Phosphorus)
Natrum Muriaticum 6X (Natrum Mur)
Natrum Phosphoricum 3X (Natrum Phosphorus)
Natrum Sulphuricum 3X (Natrum Sulphur)
Silicea 6X (Silica)

Q. What is the difference between Bioplasma and the individual Cell Salts?
A. Bioplasma is a remedy in itself. It keeps the minerals in balance & can be given to your dog daily to keep energy levels high, boost the immune system, and keep their physical performance at its best.Think of Bioplasma as a homeopathic One-A-Day general supplement.

More info:
The Calcium Cell Salts are important for bone and dental health, and skin healing. Calcium Phosphate is the Cell Salt for growth and health of the bones. Deficiency symptoms include aching pains, growing pains, bone ailments. Calcium Fluoride is the Cell Salt for problems with the surface of bones and skin. A much safer source of fluoride than supplemental fluoride. Deficiency symptoms include poor dental enamel; spider and varicose veins. Calcium Sulphate deficiency symptoms include acne and other skin problems, slow healing wounds, abscesses, swollen glands, negativity, apathy. 

The Potassium Cell Salts are important for emotional health. Deficiency symptoms include nervousness, anxiety, mental confusion. Kali Mur deficiency symptoms include colds, sinus inflammation,arthritis inflammation, lack of energy and interest. Kali Phosphate deficiency symptoms include anxiety, irritability.poor memory and physical fatigue. Kali Sulphate corrects the functioning of oils in the body. Deficiency symptoms show up as dryness and in the later stages of inflammation including acne and intestinal disorders. Mental symptoms include worry and lack of judgment.

The 3 Sodium Cell Salts balance fluids and water in the body and supportthe functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, stomach and digestive system. Natrum Mur helps with edema, headache, weakness in the sun or heat, chronic sinus conditions. Natrum Phosphate is for complaints of the digestive system. Give right before meals for improved digestion. Deficiency symptoms include acidity, indigestion. Natrum Sulphate for strengthening pancreatic functioning. 

Ferrum Phosphate is the oxygenating Cell Salt, so remember for physical fatigue. Useful for inflammation, fever, and infection. 
Magnesium Phosphate is found inside the cells of muscles and nerves. Deficiency symptoms include muscle pain, muscle fatigue, muscle spasms. 
Silicea is the fur and skin remedy. Deficiency includes excess perspiration, unhealthy skin, brittle nails and hair.