Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brushing your dog's teeth!

It isn't difficult to brush a dog's teeth, and with positive reinforcement, it will become an enjoyable routine. Here's what you need for supplies:
  • Canine toothpaste (chicken flavor is best!)
  • Canine toothbrush - specially designed
  • PhytoDent - herbal oral rub for gums and teeth
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NOTE - never use a human toothpaste - they are toxic to dog. The toothpaste is swallowed by your dog so it must be non-toxic.

Give Her a Treat
A reward routine is the best way to introduce your dog to dental hygiene. Initially, for a period of 2 weeks, invite your dog to come to a specially designated area for brushing his/her teeth. Ask her to sit and then give her a small treat when she sits. That's it to begin!

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By the third week, your dog will LOVE to come to the area for a treat. This is when we begin to introduce the idea of brushing. Do not begin with the toothbrush. Rather, place a small amount of the toothpaste on your index finger. Rub your finger along the teeth and get him used to the feeling (and taste) of the paste and the sensation of something running across the gums and teeth. Go easy and DON'T FORGET the PRAISE and a little treat at each session.

Put a little drop of the PhytoDerm on a finger and do the same proceedure.

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After a week, now it's time for the toothbrush - this will be no surprise for your dog because at this point everything has been fun and there is a treat at the end - lots of praise as well. Use gentle circular motions with the brush, and only brush the outside surfaces - pay attention to the gumline - the dog's tongue maintains the inside.

Finish each session with rubbing (or brushing) a few drops of PhytoDent along the gumline.

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