Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arthritis Support Kit - great results - comprehensive approach

Arthritis Support Kit Testimonials

#1 Thanks for combining the orders - I couldn't believe I forgot to order the Sea Muscle; it has really seemed to improve Barkley's back leg muscle strength!! I'm so thankful for the products and information you offer, Barkley's overall health has improved so much over the past several months!! Thanks again.

#2 Hi, friends: Right after I ordered the remedy, Jackie seemed somewhat better. Then the day the remedy arrived she was quite stiff when she got up and was limping somewhat by evening. Well, this morning, she's like a pup. No stiffness, no limping! She got out her toys this morning and had a romp before I left for work. (I didn't allow her to overdo it). But I have to say that I am AMAZED at how this stuff works. I really want to learn more about homeopathy.

What is Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis: is a form of degenerative joint disease. There is often a genetic component to the disease and symptoms are often progressive with age. It can involve the deterioration of and changes to the cartilage and bone. In response to inflammation in and about the joint, the body responds with bony remodeling around the joint structure. This process can be slow and gradual with minimal outward symptoms, or more rapidly progressive with significant pain and discomfort. Osteoarthritic changes can occur in response to infection and injury of the joint as well.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Do you suspect that your dog might have arthritis?
Veterinarians have developed a list of signs that might indicate that your dog has arthritis. Look for the following symptoms:
  • inactivity
  • reluctance to lie down or get up
  • trouble running and climbing stairs
  • audible "clicking" when walking
  • change in behavior that seems to indicate pain
  • swelling and inflammation of the joints
  • limping
  • limited movements and lack of desire to exercise
Should your dog exhibit one or more of these signs on a recurring basis, don't hesitate to take her in for a checkup.

The Natural Canine Approach

It may not surprise you to read that we recommend a holistic (treat the whole dog) approach. As with any condition, diet is very important - feeding fresh, home prepared meals helps your dog lose weight naturally. Excess weight, even a few pounds, places unnecessary stress on joints! Next, we recommend three products:
1. Homeopathic Joint Stress - specially formulated for relief from Joint Stiffness, Muscle Tension, Pain in lower back and Joint areas. (liquid drops)

2. Natural Canine Pet Joint Ease - Herbal formula to support joint health and ease of movement. These herbs may be given long-trem. Expect to see results in 1-2 weeks. Our herbal formulas are designed for long-term support (powder)
3. Sea Mussel - A New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Supplement to Support Connective Tissue and Joint Functions. (capsule)

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