Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Canine Health

  Know Good Health When You See It

A dog that is fed a well-balanced, home prepared diet rich in beneficial nutrients shows many recognizable signs of good health. These include:
  • Healthy Coat that is soft and shiny and doesn't mat easily
  • Little or no doggy odor
  • Abundant energy
  • Strong immune system - which keeps him/her healthy
  • Brightness, a sparkle in thier eyes and a sense that she is enjoying life.
  • Well-muscled body - fit and trim
  • Well-formed Stool that is not voluminous and is easily produced, with no straining.
Problems associated with low quality diets

  • Skin odor, itching
  • Dull, greasy coat, usually with dandruff 
  • Suseptibility to generalized infections,such as ear or skin infections that become chronic
  • Thin undernourished appearance
  • Low energy level
  • Voluminous stool