Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diet and Incontinence

Diet may be directly related to urinary incontinence.
Why? The reason has to do with moisture balance within the body. Commercial dry foods need to be hydrated. When your dogs eats dry food the moisture required to hydrate those dry nuggets comes from the tissues, cells and organs (this dehydrates the body on a cellular level). When the moisture is robbed from these cells and organs, an imbalance is created in the body including the urogenital tract. The result of this moisture imbalance is a chronic inflammation of the bladder. When the dog gulps water, this is not sufficient to re-hydrate the cells as most of the water goes into the stomach and quickly passes through the bladder placing an additional stress on the system.

All moisture should come from the food. When a home-prepared meal or Sojo's Pre-mix is fed, the food contains about 80% nutrient rich moisture that goes into the cells during normal assimilation of the food in the intestines. Dogs eating a home-prepared meal rarely drink water (except when exercising)! Almost all their moisture needs comes from the food. This produces normal moisture balance and returns the urogenital tract to its normal state.

I don't have time to cook. If preparing food for your dog seems like a daunting task - it isn't! Meals are easy to prepare or you can have a look at our Sojo's foods. It is amazing how dogs respond to real, wholesome food. More energy, healthy coat and of course, a marked improvement in bladder control.

NOTE: Certain incontinence problems come from bladder infections or from hormone imbalances and will not respond to gentle natural remedies. See your vet to understand why your dog is incontinent.